The company was founded and run by Virgilio De Biasi in Murano in 1947 who acquired the knowledge of developing and manufacturing conterie beads from his father. These particular beads have always been recognised for their uniqueness of their manufacture. In the 1980’s extraordinary collections of objects decorated with gold and valuable enamels were exhibited in the most important sales room of the island. Then later in the 1990’s the two sons Andrea and Cristiano also came forth. The fortunate union of the enthusiasm and creativity of the sons along with the experience of Virgilio, brought the company to be amongst the most prestigious in vetrofusion around the world. Frames, pictureframes, table clocks and walls created with coloured slates, zanfirico, and Murrino glass, were the first examples presented to the public at an artistic event. Infact, it was for the first time they were presented within the circle of MACEF in1995 and achieved success at a national and international level.

Both new and previous collections have been put together and the “De Biasi Snc”company has began to introduce, in the correct productive process, the use of gold and silver leaf blended with the glass in a mixture of shades and undertones. The glassware is recognised as being the most valuable of the island, and pieces such as l’avventurina, murrine, graniglie, pastels and coloured torciglioni, are produced to satisfy the requests expressed by clients and to be in keeping with present trends. Never has there been in previous years a public’s choice so focussed on glassware, whether it be for special occasions or simply for everyday wear. Necklaces, pendants, earrings, and rings are nowadays seen as being a necessary accessory, and the company now offers its clients the possibility of choosing between countless creations. The “De Biasi Snc” exhibits its creations at the Macef in Milan, Paris, Madrid, New York and many other locations without failing to guarantee originality of their products.