Sas DIPi Vetreria Artigiana

Sas DIPi Vetreria Artigiana

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Master Imperio Rossi was born in 1951. He began to work the glass when he was only thirteen, following his father’s teachings.He did his apprenticeship side by side to some of the most important murano glass-masters, learning the technique and “stealing” their secrets. In this way he learnt the art of fusion and inclusions. Firstly he formed a partnership with another master, then, from 1986, he has his own furnace, where initially he specialized in the handicraft production of vases, plates and fancy sweet-boxes. Then he devote himself to the “Millefiori” technique, using the murrinas, the well known murano-glass small coloured beads, creating a lot of different things, artistic pieces characterized by exceptional craft and colour sense. bout his work Imperio Rossi says: “Often I look forward to put an idea into practice. An uncontrollable desire to embody my imagination. I love my work! It allows me to give shape and substance to something that is growing inside of me.”

His works are exhibited in public and private collections in New York, Madrid, Vienna, Tokyo.

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