Founded in 1998 on the island of Murano (Italy), Vianello Nadia Murrine is a family-run artisan company that produces classic, artistic and modern Murrino glass jewels and pieces of furniture for the home.

Our products are completely handmade, which is why each piece is unique. We offer high quality jewels made of Murrino glass, using and preserving the ancient Murano techniques of glass composition and fusion that are handed down from parents to children.

Vianello Nadia Murrine has authorized distributors in the boutiques of Venice, Murano, Como and Rome in Italy. In the EU, our products are available in France, Spain and Greece. In Asia we are present in Japan, and in America in the USA, Brazil and Peru. All pieces can be customized to meet specific customer needs.

Where: Campiello Pescheria 10, 30141 Murano – Venezia




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