We are pleased to announce the initiative that saw Murano artistic glass as protagonist thanks to Ars Murano’s master craftsmen.



Qatar Foundation unveleid the famed artist Maqbool Fida Husain’s final art installation, the Seeroo fi al Ardh, in Education City on December 11. Husain passed away before the Seeroo Fi Al Ardh could be finished, after which Qatar Foundation completed the installation – which is housed within a permanent building close to Al Shaqab equestrian center at Education City, and will be open to the public – incorporating every aspect of the artist’s original plan. The art installation was unveiled at a ceremony attended by authorities , dignitaries, representatives of local and international art institutions, and members of Husain’s family.

At its inauguration, guests learned the story behind the elements that comprise the Seeroo Fi Al Ardh: the flying machines of Abbas Ibn Firnas and Leonardo da Vinci, Murano glass horses, and vintage cars, which move to music selected by Husain and are set against the backdrop of a giant mosaic of horses, a tribute to Qatar’s equine heritage as well as the artist’s love of the animals.




From his first few paintings of horses in the 1950’s, Maqbool Fida Husain’s love for the animal was evident across his repertoire of artwork.


Husain was keen that the glass horses, realized by Ars Murano’s glassmasters, would not only represent the progress of civilisation, but also reflect the values that humanity stood for. With this in mind, he designed them in different colours. Blue symbolises trust, the sea and the sky. Red stands for fire as well as passion and strength, while green represents life, harmony and ambition. Amber, similar to saffron, a colour reflective of India, depicts energy, boldness and self-awareness, and white portrays the balance of wisdom, free from binding or bending.