With the “Sticker Day”, the press conference that took place this morning at 11:30 am in Venice at  Palazzo Balbi, headquarters of the Veneto Region council, the President of the Veneto Region Luca Zaia and the President of the Consortium Promovetro Luciano Gambaro together with representatives of Confindustria Venezia and Confartigianato Venezia, symbolically started the phase diffusion of the Vetro Artistico® Murano traceable trademark to protect the customer about the originality of the Murano glass objects.
President Luca Zaia,  has in fact first symbolically placed the “first” stamp of a Murano glass sculpture (a winged lion) and then with a smartphone, through the reading of the data matrix on the label, read the description of the artwork, observes the photos reproducing the lion and admiring the video of its realization.
The new label, presented some months ago, is realized with the support of the Veneto Region and the Chamber of Commerce of Venice following the most modern technologies and will enable the final user to retrace, via smartphones, tablets and PCs , the entire product history, reconstructing its creative process.

“This is a revolution for Murano Glass – says Luciano Gambaro, President of Consorzio Promovetro Murano. Technology serving a one thousand years old history. An innovative tool for the protection of a territory and its tradition. An initiative to protect the customer and originality of glass objects from Murano. From today, customers can find in stores applied to products this new tool and have a security to their purchases. “

“This for us – continues Luciano Gambaro – is not the point of arrival but that of departure, and the institutions have to be at our side to give strength and future of the Murano glass, its culture and its history. Without a strong and planned financial support it is likely to frustrate all the work done, risking a thousand-year tradition heritage of Venice, the Veneto but also of Italy. We are happy that President Luca Zaia today has wanted to be present as “testimonial” of the new label for traceability and evolution and technological transformation of the regional brand Vetro Artistico Murano, demonstrating the interest and sensitivity of the Veneto Region for the Murano glass, last productive reality of the city of Venice and the real pride of the city and the entire region in the world. “

For more information about the new brand, please visit the site dedicated www.muranoglass.com