With the final event today at the Museum of Murano glass it has also formally closed the Italian stage, the most important as a number of exhibits, the EGE – European Glass Experience, an international project created to craft enhancement in the glass ‘contemporary art.
After the European exhibition tour through Finland, Spain and Portugal, it closes Sunday, June 7, the exhibition in Venice at the Museum of Murano glass.
Today, in fact the presence of representatives of the Venetian project partners, Promovetro Murano Consortium, Civic Museums Foundation of Venice, City of Venice, the scientific director of EGE Cornelia Lauf and Paloma Pastor, director of the La Granja Glass Foundation, Spanish partner, they were presented the final video of “EGE” project, the official catalog and the works created during the April workshop organized in Murano with some young European artists.

EGE – European Glass Experience is a collaboration of the City of Venice with the Consortium Promovetro Murano and the Glass Museum of Murano – Civic Museum Foundation of Venice and has obtained financial support from the program “Culture” of the European Union.
A bit ‘of numbers

In addition to Promovetro Consortium Murano and the City of Venice:
– 6 of the European glass museums involved in the project: Museum of Murano glass, Venice, Italy, Museum of Glass of Riihimäki, Finland, National Glass Foundation, La Granja, Segovia, Spain, Stained Glass Museum, Krakow, Poland, Museum of glass in Marinha Grande, Portugal, the glass Factory, Boda Glasbruk, Sweden
– 1 glass festival involved: International Festival of Glass, Stourbridge, UK
– 22 European countries represented, with selected works of 78 young artists (from 18 to 40 years) Austrian, Czech, Finnish, French, British, Irish, Italian, Lithuanian, Dutch, Polish, Swedish, German, Hungarian, but also international with works by Argentine artists, Israelis and Turks.
– 4 exhibitions organized in Europe: Finland, Spain, Portugal and Italy
– 4 workshops on the glass with 10 young European artists involved
– 60 selected works on display including 19 made in Murano by the ability of a dozen master glassblowers
The objectives that we set ourselves – says the President of the Consortium Promovetro Luciano Gambaro – as shown by the figures for the project, have been safely achieved. We have created a major European network with reality with issues and styles, but united by a common culture and sensitivity on the glass. Definitely a great starting point to start profitable collaborations and to achieve more ambitious future projects and leading the glass in general and Murano glass in particular, the role it deserves in Europe but especially internationally.

A project – continues Luciano Gambaro – who approached many young European artists to Murano glass and saw conversely the active collaboration of many Murano masters who have created unique works expression of European contemporary vision glass art.
A miracle, – commented Giuseppe Mella of the City of Venice – seen that in just two years, the project is designed, presented, developed, and have been produced four exhibitions in different countries, as well as today’s event here in Murano. ‘EGE’ will expire at the end of this month, but you’re already thinking about a continuation also expanded to other countries already involved by artists and museums.