Gold, a precious Murano Glass art installation will welcome the visitors at the Apolline Halls of the La Fenice Theater, from 30 August to 13 September.


A Murano Glass tribute to gold, an eternal symbol of wealth, opulence and prosperity; an element that has characterized Murano’s production for centuries.


Pure 24-carat gold, reduced in thin sheets, a decorative element that has been used since the days of Greeks and Romans to embellish containers and plates, to make beads and jewels or, in Byzantine times, to create golden glass tiles of mosaics (The Basilica of San Marco in Venice and the Basilica of the Saints Maria and Donato in Murano are wonderful examples of that), but also a source of inspiration for the Murano masters who have developed its characteristics through the various techniques that have grown in the island through the centuries.


This rich exhibition was created with the collaboration and contribution of the Vetro Artistico® Murano companies and it is the result of the collaboration between Consorzio Promovetro Murano and La Fenice Theater, during the first edition of The Venice Glass Week.


Furnaces, lampworkings laboratories, mirrors laboratories, decorators and engravers have created necklaces, sculptures, vases, glasses, mirrors, etc … that will be part of this luminous Murano glass exhibit, a true treasure, in a unique context in the world, the La Fenice Theater and the Apolline Halls, where gold shines in every corner.



30/8/2017 to 13/09/2017

Every day from 9:30 to 18:00,

La Fenice Theater, San Marco 1965 – 30124 Venice

Entrance fee: La Fenice Theatre entrance tickets, Full € 10,00 Reduced € 7,00 (for info