The sounds of Murano’s furnaces; fire, rods, the voices of glass masters, glass changing its form… Silence, sounds and noise. The magic world of Murano Glass’ furnaces, becomes music.

Consorzio Promovetro with the help of the Chamber of Commerce of Venice is realising a new project called Loud Listening – Through The Sound Of Murano Glass.


Loud Listening is a sonic exploration, developed to investigate among the sounds and noises of the Italian industrial areas and in this case of Murano.

The initiative’s aim is to create a “map of sounds” of Murano glass productions, with a special attention to traditional works, both on a artisanal and industrial level.


From the 28th to the 31st of January a artistic recording will be done by the musicians and specialists of Archivio Italiano Paesaggi Sonori (AIPS), using the sounds of Consorzio Promovetro’s associated companies.


Using technological instruments and recorders, all sounds of glass production will be digitalised. Each aspect of the production will be taken in consideration in order to obtain a real “sound map” of Murano glass production.


Within February a “docu-film” will be realised. There, through interviews and conversations with the glass masters, the beauty and frailty of Murano Glass and its music will be spread to the public, in order to be protected and preserved.


On the 31st of January, at 7 pm a special event of electronic music, by Alessio Ballerini, Enrico Coniglio ed Attilio Novellino (from AIPS) will be held at the Centro Espositivo Sloveno A plus A (San Marco 3073, Venice), thanks to the collaboration of Pop Up Dom, to celebrate the end of the project.

The musicians will present the results of their recordings, and glass will eventually become music.


“This is a initiative focused on art and music exploration” says Luciano Gambaro, President of Consorzio Promovetro, “but its aim is also the promotion of Murano Glass and in particular of Vetro Artistico® Murano trademark in a brand new field, for the development of an alternative and intelligent cultural tourism. A project different for previous ones, for the promotion of Murano Glass also in the musical field.


For more info on the special event Tel/Fax +39 0418501468, mail