Murano Glass is a well-known art glass existing since the 10th century. Adorning luxurious residences and hotels around the globe, Murano Glass today is a favourite of art connoisseurs and fresh collectors alike.


The interesting thing to know about Murano glass is that Murano Glass artists are influenced by Roman glassware. Way back in the sixteenth century, some Murano glass artists made attempts to imitate ancient glassware which were created by Romans.


Murano Glass artists created glassware on the lines of Roman glassware, but using other glassmaking techniques,


In the second half of the nineteenth century when archeological discoveries became more frequent and beautiful decorative objects were unearthed, Murano Glass makers were drawn towards classic glassware and thus started the production of classic Roman inspired glassware.


Beautiful art glass ranging from classic antiques to detailed beauties were manufactured which are till date preserved in the Murano Glass museum. Some of these beauties include glass vases, bowls urns and plates with abstract patterns spread on the inside and outside surfaces.


Venetian artisans discovered hidden secrets and started creating glass objects using glass rods in various shapes and patterns. Today, Murano Glass antiques are an instant attraction and so the imitations are in abundance in the market. To safeguard the interest of buyers, Regione Del Veneto have entrusted the trademark of Vetro Artistico® Murano that guarantees the glass product is authentic. It is the only guarantee of a product being an original Murano Glass art piece.