Murano Glass stands for Venice, a question or a statement?


A statistical survey made by ISPO, developed in the context of the project Anonimo Veneziano, promoted by Venezi@Opportunità, sourced from the need to get information about “Venice” as a brand, gave the astonishing result of Murano Glass being the most representative product of Venice.


To the question, which is the most representative product for Venice, those living in the historical part of the city answered with local objects (52%), but also Murano Glass (39%). In the Province of Venice people answered food and culinary products (51%), but also Murano Glass (31%).

In Italy instead just after the local objects (57%), 45% say Murano Glass, and  40% say Venice itself.



MEDIA’s notes


Satistical survey made by ISPO for Venezi@Opportunità – National territory

Cases: 800, location: Venice historic centre  300 – Venice province, 300 – Method : CATI – Period 16th – 20th june 2011 – approximation  3,5%.