Venice 14th November 2012. Venice’s destiny is strictly connected to the destiny of its last productive activity: Murano glass. To protect it, however, doesn’t look like a priority to the Venetians. The Murano island producers, as well as the real venetians, are fighting to defend their roots, their culture and their 1000 years old tradition. That’s why Consorzio Promovetro Murano presented the initiative Murano Venezia. Mille anni di storia: vogliamo davvero buttarli via? (Murano, Venice – 1000 years of history, are we throwing them away?). This new campaign is focused on a pamphlet which will be distributed to the 60.000 inhabitants of Venice and islands, to sensitise them on the problems caused by shopkeepers opening fake Murano glass shops; this initiative will help the diffusion of quality products and quality tourism.

 SHOCKING CAMPAIGN: a shocking campaign to discourage to open cheap souvenirs shops, as this action has serious consequences on the economy and the image of Venice itself. This campaign is also against the all those who sell counterfeit products, selling out, in this way, Venice itself.

Consorzio Promovetro Murano, managing authority of Vetro Artistico® Murano trademark, is working to protect the original Murano Glass as we believe that original craftsmanship will develop into a better tourism, and a positive image of Venice. All those cheap souvenirs indeed have a negative impact on Venice’s economy and give a negative image of the city, whenever a tourist buy some cheap replica or spend a lot of money for a fake product.

 ETHICAL OPERATION Vetro Artistico® Murano trademark powerfully enters all Venetians’ houses and shops. To save Murano Glass is a ethic initiative: it means to give a better future to Venice, eliminating the “plastic” image it has gained in the last years, and to save our craftsmanship, stressing the attention on all those jobs which made Venice a great city.

 “In Venice and Murano millions of objects produced outside the island are sold as if they were original ones. If only original products were sold in Venice millions of Euros would be saved. This is all money that goes to unscrupulous businessmen – says Mr. Gambaro, president of Consorzio Promovetro.

The only instrument to fight unfair trade competition is the trademark Vetro Artistico® Murano and we all have to use it, Murano Glass producers and sellers, to create a new positive image of Venice.

We represent Murano, promoting its tradition against counterfeit products. We want to put a stop to the plague of counterfeit products, we are fully aware of our heritage, and we want to defend it. We need to solve such big confusion.

 Promovetro is choosing a “door to door” campaign to moralize all citizens.


A huge damage for what concern economic turnover and for the image of the city – says Andrea della Valentina, board of Consorzio Promovoetro.

Venetians are correctly protecting their stones, as the Arsenale, but we need to defend also a vivid working tradition which are as important as the stones of Venice.

That is why we want to create an awareness about defending a tradition.


The initiative is supported by Confartigianato Venezia,

This pamphlet is a “punch in the face” to Venice, says its director Mr. De Checchi -.

Venice is passively accepting its own cultural, image and commercial decline; now the city has to take back its heritage, starting from Murano glass, love and appreciated all over the world.

“A punch in the face” to Venetians, to wake up their consciences and to make them understand that if something is not cultivated and helped, soon it is going to die.

 The initiative will be present on and on the web site , where everyone will be able to say his own opinion and give pieces of advice.

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