Building on the enthusiasm of the first edition, the second edition of The Venice Glass Week has all of the necessary prerequisites to be more successful than the first edition of the festival. The event has attracted many subscriptions, 20% more than the first edition, for a total of 180+ exhibitions and installations, as well as conferences, performances, workshops, themed dinners, guided tours, children’s activities or any other event related to the art of glassmaking.

Enthusiasm and participation have characterised the first press conference at Palazzo Cavalli Franchetti on 22nd June, a public meeting where Fondazione Musei Civici di Venezia, Fondazione Giorgio Cini, Istituto Veneto di Scienze, Lettere ed Arti and Consorzio Promovetro Murano together with the Town Council of Venice gave some anticipations about the main events scheduled for September 9-16.


Press Conference


The committee has received many applications, coming from foundations, art galleries, museums (Peggy Guggenheim Collection, Palazzo Fortuny, Natural History Museum…), cultural institutions as well as glass furnaces, companies, artist, Italian and international collectors, a massive attendance which confirms the great liveliness of the artistic, cultural and productive scene in the city and the attractiveness of this theme even outside the borders.

The Consorzio Promovetro Murano will organize three initiatives:


Glass Archipelago is an artistic installation which represents the multiplicity of the works created by master glassmakers through an immersive, imaginary and surreal setting, where the glass is exalted in its shapes and the light amplifies the experience and the engagement of the audience. The protagonists of the exhibition will be the glasses objects selected ad hoc to represent the best of the artistic production of Murano. The suspended structure of the installation aims to remember the topography of the island of Murano: an archipelago of small and large entrepreneurial realities. Lights, projections and 3D mapping will “animate” the glass, highlighting different variations (stylish and chromatic) and trying, in the last analysis, to infuse the uniqueness of the exhibited objects and of the long tradition of Murano artisans.


An unique opportunity to discover the magic world of Murano Glass. A unique cultural experience conceived and created in collaboration with Artsystem. An itinerary will accompany visitors to observe the glass masters at work in furnaces, and laboratories that usually are not open to the public. There the magic of glass still lives today and the secrets of Murano Glass will be revealed.


Murano Glass Experience – Ph. Flavia Barbini


GLASS ARCHIPELAGO – A round table for a 4.0 Murano
Glass Archipelago is a round table discussion, open to the public and experts of the field, to which will participate institutions, associations, professionals and organizations related to the world of Murano glass. Glass Archipelago is a moment of reflection which aims to highlight the progress of a niche sector characterized by a thousand years of tradition but oriented to the innovation. A revolution for Murano glass in terms of innovation, not only of the product but also of communication, presentation and protection.