Record numbers for the official Vetro Artistico® Murano fan page on facebook, which has reached 40.000 likes, and 600.000 potential contacts. The Murano Glass page is part of a social media campaign to instruct a wide number of people about the importance to buy original and certified products.

 Consorzio Promovetro is particularly setting upon the Indian market, with a local press and PR agency, with more than 30.000 contacts. The receivers of the Vetro Artistico® Muranotrademark message are bloggers and trend setters in the field of design and home furnishing, interior decorators, architects, fashion stylists and hip & cool scouts. Their aim will be to explain Murano glass to a wider audience, in particular helping people to understand the importance of the origin, and consequently of the trademark.

 Since the last year, Consorzio Promovetro has begun a promotional campaign in the growing countries, thanks to the help of Veneto Promozione and Regione del Veneto.

In those economies, Murano Glass and particularly the Vetro Artistico® Murano trademark are not fully known and appreciated. Promovetro’s campaign aim to reach a vast number of potential Murano Glass buyers and to present it as a high quality product, representative of Made in Italy, and different from all other kinds of glass.

This is just the first of a series of promotional actions which will developed in BRICS countries (Brasil, Russia, India, China, South Africa), and in Eastern Europe countries, in order to find new potential Murano glass buyers.


According to the UNWTO (United Nation World Tourism Organization), a significant growth in the number of tourists coming from growing countries to Italy is about to happen, this will lead to a change in our regular commercial fluxes. Thus a promotional and marketing action on growing economies, about the meaning and values of Murano Glass, is as important as traditional advertising, The use of Internet is mandatory, considered its velocity and effectiveness.

“Indian market has about 121 million internet users, more that 10% of its entire population and the number of connected users is constantly growing. Their age is between 15 and 34” – says Mr. Luciano Gambaro, President of Consorzio Promovetro. “In the near future they are going to become new Murano glass customers, and we want to explain them our products and craftsmanship.

Their response is definitely positive, they ask us information about Murano Glass, about the trademark; they are curious and they want to know our art.

With such a massive action we are sure that we’ll be able to spread the original Murano glass culture, against counterfeit products. As a consequence of this more and more request for products are arriving from the Indian market”.


With the contribution of Veneto Promozione