A guarantee for the consumer, the trademark Vetro Artistico® Murano will be an excellent tool to fight forgery issues.

The new Vetro Artistico® Murano trademark is born after a long process of research and replaces the previous mark that only gave a few information on the company which produced it.

Vetro Artistico® Murano is a collective mark, which will be used by companies with various product typologies very different in value and size. The size and material of the label will not disturb the aesthetic appearance of products, but will maintain accessibility and visibility and will help the customer to have the certainty of the purchase.




The label has two different formats (rectangular and jewellery sticker), and can be in two versions (white or transparent) bearing the logo declined in the red or blue color, depending on the type of manufacture. It contains anti forgery and traceability elements which guarantee a high degree of safety.
From a technical point of view, the new Vetro Artistico® Murano uses Clear to Cyan technology (developed by 3M) which consists of a optical film formed by hundreds of thin layers of polymers, which reflect and refract light causing unique chromatic variations depending on the angle of observation.

Another distinctive feature is the Confirm ™, exclusive by 3M, characterized by an adhesive plastic film composed of 5 different layers in which glass microspheres with a high index of refraction are included. It is the only existing product able to ensure complete and total authenticity and originality of products and documents.
In addittion, there are the security features: gold cold  foil, a foil sheet coupled to the substrate to be printed, to obtain metallic effects and a red and blue Ink UV fluorescent, that is a printing only detectable by ultraviolet lamp.

Each label, in addition, will be equipped with safety cuts, once broken do not allow to reuse it. Another feature is the Data Matrix code, a two-dimensional code connected to a protected database that unambiguously identifies the product.
The Data Matrix code is designed to allocate different information in a very small space, readable with the free app Original Murano Glass, available to any smartphone or tablet. With a simple gesture you can scan the label and verify its authenticity. If you do not possess a smartphone, you can access the verify page of the trademark Vetro Artistico Murano, through the www.muranoglass.com site.