Murano Glass is the famous product of the island of Murano. Products, hand crafted by the local glass masters themselves, offer a huge variety for one to choose from. The huge variety of Murano Glass includes jewelry, vases, goblets, furniture, mirrors, tableware, dinnerware, souveniers, lighting, chandeliers and several other artefacts.


Being of great value and world renowned for its quality and beauty, these exquisite creations have been subject to numerous imitations. To protect the interests of buyers, Vetro Artistico®Murano mark has been issued under strict regulations by Veneto Regional Law and managed by Consorzio Promovetro. It is a mark of origin certifying that the glass products are made on the island of Murano.


This mark comes in form of a stick-on label which is always applied to a glass part of the object. The stick-on label is in two colours: red and blue. Every Murano Glass object has the red or blue label depending on its type. The red label is applied on Murano Glass objects including sculptures, lighting, vases and tableware. The blue label is used in association with mirrors, jewels, and beads.


The mark represents a typical glass working tool, the “borsella” which is used to make a plate. It is red or blue depending on the type of product, and the “borsella” and the wording “Vetro Artistico® Murano” is printed in gold leaf. The mark includes the code of the manufacturing company and is anti-counterfeit as it cannot be removed without it breaking into fragments.


As a buyer, one must pay close attention to these details to avoid being cheated into a false buy. Always ask your shopkeeper for objects with the Mark. This is your guarantee that you have bought genuine Murano glass.