, a new initiative by Google, for the web promotion of some Italian excellences, with the collaboration of Italian Ministry of Environment, Unioncamere, Symbola Foundation and Cà Foscari University.


Murano Glass and its artistic craftsmanship, which are loved and appreciated all around the world, are now arriving on Google as a new web platform (, realised with the collaboration of Unioncamere, for the promotion of Italian excellences.


Murano glass has been chosen together with other 47 typical Italian productions like silk, ceramic, gold and many other more.

The official presentation has been held in Rome, at the presence of the Minister for the Environment, Nunzia de Girolamo.

There Google presented “Made in Italy: digital excellences” which aims to promote Italian companies through the web, using a digital platform realised by Google Cultural Institute to valorise Italian economy.


During the event a small exhibition of local food products and traditional artisanal products was held; Murano Glass was the only representative for Venice and its territory.


In 2013, according to the statistics, the Google research for “Made in Italy “ products, have grown of 12%. “Fashion” is the most searched category, while “Tourism” and “Food” are the most growing ones.

However “Made in Italy” is not very present on the web, only 34% of small and medium companies have a web site, and only 13% use E- commerce.


This data gave origin to a new platform showing the best of Italy. Google/madeinitaly is operative, and presents about one hundred digital exhibitions, showing images, videos, historical documents, etc…. Users will be able to discover the best of food and artisanal products, and their connections with their territories. There you’ll be able to find products like Grana Padano, San Daniele ham, and off course Murano Glass, proposed by the Consorzio Promovetro, as perfect example of Venice territory.


“This is a great opportunity for Murano Glass, just like the project we are promoting together with Wikipedia, says Luciano Gambaro, President of Consorzio Promovetro. Every day we fight fake products, and imported glass, in order to protect the final customers. People must know the origin of the products they are buying. This is our daily job, using the Vetro Artistico® Murano trademark as a tool; however having Google’s support is much comforting to us, once considered all misleading information available on the web.