The Vetro Artistico® Murano trademark couldn’t miss to partecipate to one of the most important event of this season, the exhibition Vetro Murrino: da Altino a Murano (Murrino Glass, from Altino to Murano). It is an exhibition which cover the story of Murrino Glass, with some examples coming from the first settlements in Altino and from the most recent Murano production. The exhibition contemporary takes place in two places: the National Archeological Museum of Altino and the Glass Museum of Murano and explains the historic and “geographical” path of this particular technique which was born in ancient Rome, later developed in Altino and, from the end of 19th century, in Murano. This double exhibition explains technical and esthetic aspects of murrino glass from its origin to the 19th century Murano elaboration, until contemporary approaches. Consorzio Promovetro enthusiastically participated to the exhibition, giving its patronage to the initiative.