Consorzio Promovetro is mentioned in a interesting exhibition which is taking place in Bologna, and will end on Jannuray 6th


The exhibition Saved from the earthquake – painting and sculptures from Bologna and Ferrara old town centres, at Palazzo Fava, is based on significant paintings saved from local churches and art galleries damaged by the recent earthquake. There are also shown pictures and videos, about the saving initiatives of the injured artistic heritage.


Among the pictures exposed it is possible to see the rescue actions of the Murano glass chandeliers saved from the municipal hall of Sant’Agostino (Ferrara), by Consorzio Promovetro, together with the local fire brigade.


Consorzio Promovetro’s help is also mentioned in the catalogue of the exhibition.


Interestingly enough, the image chosen to represent the exhibition, is a painting by Giuseppe Tinti, San Francesco Solano indica un terremoto accanto ai santi Giovanni Evangelista e Giovanni Battista (San Francesco Solano shows and earthquake to San Giovanni Evangelista and San Giovanni Battista), saved from the church of San Pietro di Cento (FE), as to symbolize a certain predictability of events.



Saved from the earthquake

Painting and sculptures from Bologna and Ferrara old town centres

Palazzo Fava, Palazzo delle Esposizioni

Via Manzoni, 2