An online store where you can safely purchase Murano Glass with just a few clicks of your mouse!

YourMurano, born from a collaboration between Promovetro and Venicecommerce, is the first online store authorized by the Promovetro Consortium where you can buy trademarked Vetro Artistico®Murano.

YourMurano offers a wide range of offerings for any need and price range: from splendid vases to traditional goblets, from handmade jewellery to original gift ideas, from handcrafted mirrors to breathtaking chandeliers. All created by the best glassmaking furnaces on the Venetian island of Murano, licensees of the Vetro Artistico®Murano trademark and members of the Promovetro consortium.

Murano glass has been associated for centuries to timeless values such as craftsmanship, exclusivity, luxury and excellence. Owning a Murano glass masterpiece means holding a valuable object, and a distinctive mark of Made in Italy elegance.

Like every successful creative work, Murano glass has also been subject to countless imitations. To guarantee the purchases of its customers, YourMurano has chosen to sell exclusively products certified by Italian law through the Vetro Artistico®Murano. Trademark of Origin, managed by the Promovetro Consortium, and signed by renowned master glassmakers.

YourMurano has selected, with the help of the masters themselves, only the best products of each glassmaking furnace to offer its customers: they embody the shape of excellence, and today they can be purchased online!


Website: www.yourmurano.com